Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paint colors for my living room?

my living room has one dark red wall thats the focus point and the other walls are still white but im trying to find a color or colors to paint the other walls. Most of the furniture is dark wood and theres lots of flowers and plants around too. If you could tell me what colors would match and look really good, thatd b great. THANKS!!Paint colors for my living room?
A cream or off white.Paint colors for my living room?
a pale yellow or peach color would look nice or even beige.
It sounds like you have rich textured colors. Go to Lowe's or Home Depot or some store like that and pick up one of their multi-color brochures. That shows some pictures of rooms with different color combinations. They should have one with some dark rich colors like your red. One color that can go well is a rich somewhat dark green color. A nice tan or some dark browns would also go well. Basically the idea with that type of color and your dark furniture is to make it look rich, expensive, and extravagant.

One suggestion I'd have is take a look at some pictures of rooms from like the Mid-1800's like a Victorian style and see what colors they use. You may not be using Victorian furniture, but the rich elegant look and rich colors work just the same with the dark furniture and dark red.
Well, a beige color would match really good with the dark red feature wall. And it would also look good with the dark wood. But ofcourse all that depends on the color of the plants you have.
dark purple
Use a deep, dark tan on the other walls. It will complement the red wall and will look great with the green plants and dark wood furniture.
to go for a sophisticated/sexy/retro look my best advice is black. black red and mahogany wood are perfect compliments to each other. and to tie off the look put some white flowers in a black vase. have fun! :]
Mine is like a carmel, or toffee color with a dark red accent wall. I love it. Too bad I live in an apartment and I'll have to paint over it.. :(
try a kind of light brown (mushroom) colour my mate has this on her walls with red and it looks real good and modern, sandstone would work well too (i have it in my hall )

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